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However much people complain about packaging, products have to be contained and protected in such a way that they can be shipped, handled, labelled, sold and stored. Very often plastic bags and pouches can be the most efficient way to do this – and in some cases even plastic free heat sealable bags and pouches are available.

Jenton’s Emplex and Pronova machine ranges offer a wide variety of bag sealing solutions, from small bench top machines to high speed automated systems. Jenton has been involved in bag making and sealing equipment since the 1970s and can offer experience based advice to companies looking to incorporate heat sealing equipment for bags into their lines. We can also assist with the sourcing and supply of bags.

Jenton maintains a selection of test and demonstration equipment at its Whitchurch (Hampshire) facility and customers are always welcome to bring or send samples for testing.

Our Products

We supply pouch and bag sealers for a wide range of uses and applications.

Benchtop bag sealers for small parts, smaller packaging operations, lightweight products and medical packaging. Floor standing machines which also act as conveyors for lightweight bags. Floorstanding band sealers with support conveyors / vacuum units. Auto loading bag-on-strip systems for higher speed bag and pouch production.

Band Sealers

Jenton are partners with Plexpack Inc. in Canada, manufacturers of Emplex bag and pouch sealers. These are band sealers with excellent control over time, temperature and pressure to achieve excellent and consistant seals on a wide range of bag and pouch materials. Benchtop to conveyorised and integrated into production lines.

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jenton emplex band sealers

Band Sealers / Conveyors

Emplex bag and pouch sealers offer benchtop and floor standing alternatives, with conveyors for packs over 1kg, vacuum where requried, custom stands and loading jigs and full self monitoring for medical applications. Able to work with the latest plastic free materials, Emplex is ideal for dry goods, coffee, plastic and general parts, medical devices and more.

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Continuous Bag Sealers

Jenton are distributors for Pronova Packaging in Sweden, the inventors of the Joker® system for autoloading band sealing systems using premade bags on a bandolier. Bags can be autoloaded, vacuumed and will seal at high speed and consistemtly. Wide range of systems available including for food.

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continuous bag sealers

Bag Sealer Materials

Because Jenton also make machines, we can add value to the Emplex and Pronova machines we represent. We can make infood systems, loading tables, stands, jigs and conveyors to ease the application of our systems into customers' working environments.

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Bag Sealer Materials Category

About Pouch & Bag Sealers

Bags and Pouches are supplied empty. You fill them (with anything from coffee to plastic parts) and we supply the machines so you can seal them. Emplex / Plexpack machines are generally hand fed band sealing machines that effectively double up as conveyors. They can be bench mounted, free standing or free standing with conveyors beneath for heavier products.

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About the Jenton Group

For over 50 years the Jenton name has signalled innovative automation equipment for food, medical, print and packaging industries. We manufacture over half of the products we sell and specialise in custom engineered solutions.

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