About Pouch & Bag Sealers

jenton emplex band sealers

Bags and Pouches are supplied empty. You fill them (with anything from coffee to plastic parts) and we supply the machines so you can seal them.  Emplex / Plexpack machines are generally hand fed band sealing machines that effectively double up as conveyors.  They can be bench mounted, free standing or free standing with conveyors beneath for heavier products.

Bags and pouches are filled by operators and then placed into the infeed grippers of Emplex band sealers. These sealing machines can be supplied with vacuum nozzles to extract air at this point – or even gas flush – and packs are then transported through parallel teflon belts behind which are heating elements. The speed of the transporter belts can be adjusted, as can the sealing pressure and the temperature and recipes can be stored for different products. The higher temperatures and pressures that are available are ideally suited for some of the new plastic free pouch materials.

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Pronova Bag Sealing Systems

continuous bag sealers from Pronova

Pronova bag sealing systems allow a greater level of automation. Bags are pre-made in a continuous band where tubes or extruded guide material at the top link the individual bags and allow them to be fed from a prepacked box over guides / runners into a continuous band sealer.  One significant element is that whilst on the guides the bag train passes via a loading section where the bags are held open for loading – either manually of from an automatic depositor of some kind (Jenton can assist with this too).  

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