Bag Sealer Materials

Because Jenton also make machines, we can add value to the Emplex and Pronova machines we represent. We can make infood systems, loading tables, stands, jigs and conveyors to ease the application of our systems into customers' working environments. 


Award-winning environmentally-friendly stand-up pouch which is plastic-free and can be recycled.

A paper with a 100% plastic-free heat-sealable coating is formed into the pouch, providing a grease, water and moisture barrier. The award-winning Earthpouch is sustainable, as it is manufactured from a renewable material source. The pouch is recyclable as part of the paper stream, and is suitable for repulping. There is an option to use natural water-based inks.

Earthpouch was developed in order to offer a high-performing and yet cost-effective food packaging solution which is also environmentally-friendly. It is perfect for dry and moist foods, such as cereals and granolas, porridge oats etc, nuts, dry pet foods, snack foods and more. It has also been used for supplements and protein powders, chocolates, seaweed and a host of other food-stuffs.

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Supreme Plastics

Jenton Group are agents for the range of ‘Joker’ bags and pouches, which Supreme manufacture to run on the Pronova machines.

Supreme Plastics, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of quality packaging, has joined forces with Jenton International Ltd in an exciting new partnership, which will see the organisations work alongside one another in the distribution of a range of Pronova Packaging Systems’ bagging machines in the UK and Eire. Supreme has also appointed Jenton International Ltd as an agent for the range of Pronova Packaging Systems’ in this exciting new partnership.

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Joker® Bags

The Joker® Packaging System from Pronova, combines bag filling and pre-formed bags.

A continuous chain of bags, which are linked to each other, run towards a filling zone guided by rails which open the bags so that they can be manually or automatically filled. The bags are then heat-sealed and individually separated.

Operators can carry out the few maintenance operations, without difficulty, allowing for changes of bag format, quickly and easily. The Joker® bag filling system, a packaging solution suitable for every business sector, can be integrated into existing production lines to speed up production and optimise bagging.

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