Joker® Bags

The Joker® Packaging System from Pronova, combines bag filling and pre-formed bags.

A continuous chain of bags, which are linked to each other, run towards a filling zone guided by rails which open the bags so that they can be manually or automatically filled. The bags are then heat-sealed and individually separated.

Operators can carry out the few maintenance operations, without difficulty, allowing for changes of bag format, quickly and easily. The Joker® bag filling system, a packaging solution suitable for every business sector, can be integrated into existing production lines to speed up production and optimise bagging.

The versatile and flexible Joker® Bag Filling Machines allow for easy and quick change of bag type and format as well as adjustments of the machine opening arms, which carry the bags to the filling section. The Joker® System can pack a wide variety of products with different dimensions, closure systems or other options.

The opening of the bags is adjustable, according to the shape and size of the products to be packed, offering a unique range of resealable tailor-made Joker® Bags.

The standard machines are currently available in a selection of 7 models which are between 3 and 5 meters long and can be configured and adapted.

The many options offered include: thermal transfer coder, inkjet printer, labelling machines, gravimetric dosing, conveyor.

Benefit from Jenton’s expertise and support in:

  • Choosing the machine that is best suited to your production needs
  • Designing the format and material of the bags (PE, PP, Laminates).

Joker® Bags and pouches are manufactured for Pronova in the UK by Supreme Plastics in partnership with Jenton Intl.